Touhou Danmaku Kagura: A new fanmade rhythm game for mobile!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura: A new fanmade rhythm game for mobile!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura (aka DanKagu) is a fanmade Touhou mobile action-rhythm game for Android and iOS devices. Scheduled to be released in summer 2021, DanKagu will feature a lineup of 50 characters on launch and a plethora of vocal and instrumental arrangements by several circles, including Alstroemeria Records, BUTAOTOME, Akatsuki Records and many, many more! It is currently under development by Unknown X, a circle made up of the circle AQUASTYLE and members of the companies DeNA and xeen.

DanKagu also includes:

  • A full story, Live2D cutscenes, and mini-cutscenes featuring many character combinations.
  • Voiced content by professional voice actors of all profiles.
  • A gacha system featuring Live2D animated illustrations for SSRs.
  • No stamina system, meaning unlimited play.

DanKagu’s story centers on Reimu and her party restoring a destroyed Gensokyo. Gather Spirit Cards of your favorite characters, form a party, and battle the iconic bosses the world has come to know and love in a rhythmic danmaku duel. The rhythm gameplay aspect is a little bit different from a typical mobile rhythm game, and features a few mechanics that put the “action” in “action-rhythm”.

The main difference is the presence of ‘attack notes’, which are mixed in with basic notes as the prompts to tap when playing. When tapped, attack notes will drain the boss’ HP, which will lead the boss to activate their spellcard. If the player party is powerful enough, the player is encouraged to spellbreak by activating their Spirit Burst skill to end the song right then and there. Naturally, the player can clear the entire song if they prefer. Otherwise, the rhythm game aspect functions as normal, with features such as autoplay, auto-skill activation and various note settings for speed and sound.

In addition to the rhythm gameplay, there’s also an expedition-based mode called ‘Mini Garden’ which involves reconstructing Gensokyo by rebuilding famous ‘Spots’, such as the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the Forest of Magic, the Hakurei Shrine and so on. The player can also build a personalised Spot known as ‘My Space’. Buildings, items and furniture, and characters from other Spots can be combined into a cozy Spot suiting the player’s tastes.

While the game is still being tested and full details haven’t been released, it’s recommended to run DanKagu on at least Android 8.0 or iOS13, and the initial download is estimated to be about 1-2GB in size. In-game transactions will revolve around a monthly pass for extra bonuses that, are still obtainable from playing normally. Finally, there will be no monetization of arrangements, meaning all players can play every song available.

The game is accepting pre-registrations by either following the account on Twitter or subscribing to their YouTube. Players will receive rewards accordingly, currently earning a SSR Reimu, SR Satori and 10 rolls worth of gacha currency. Upon reaching the final goal of 500,000 pre-registrations, players will earn 2 additional rolls and an SSR Marisa.

That’s most of the available information on Touhou Danmaku Kagura to date. Please look forward to the promised summer release!




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