GensoColors Press Release

GensoColors, a free downloadable Touhou Project zine!

Hello, everyone! Pride Month is here! It is a time for being proud of who we are as LGBT+ people, and we would like to showcase  something we have been working on for a few months.


GensoColors, a free downloadable Touhou Project zine, has just been released! With 65 pages of LGBT+ Touhou content, it is the perfect way to celebrate Pride Month.

This idea took a few months of work to become something beautiful. Our three moderators have been carefully planning everything out since December of 2020. We have works from 53 Touhou artists and writers who are passionate about the series and the LGBT+ community. Bringing it all together, this was a product made with hard work, love, and pride put into it. 

As LGBT+ Touhou fans, the series means a lot to us. With an all female cast and a very diverse fandom creating fan works that often showcase gay themes, we felt inspired to contribute something to the fandom in that same vein. 

If you are interested in reading the zine, you can get it for free at We hope you enjoy reading it!

Contributor: kris


Editor: Nimrod